South-Central Etobicoke

Youth will undergo spiritual and holistic development as we serve and journey with them and their families.

Our South-Central Etobicoke team comes alongside youth in our community. We look to offer wholistic care for youth through sports programs, leadership programs, a young moms program and camps. We highly value partnering with local churches in Etobicoke.

South-Central Etobicoke Initiatives

Community Outreach

Lakeshore Soccer Youth Program

A fun, low-competitive, affordable and community-focused fall/winter soccer league in South Etobicoke for youth (ages 13-18)

Lakeshore Soccer League

A fun, low-competitive, affordable and community-focused summer soccer league in South Etobicoke for kids aged 6-12

Leadership Developement

Lakeshore LIT Leadership Training

Students ages 13-18 gain practical leadership experience in their communities through serving as Junior Coaches in the Lakeshore Soccer League kids program

LevelUp Leadership Training

A one year Christian leadership learning group for youth grades 9-12 in South-Central Etobicoke

Trips & Camps & Events

Camp Widjitiwin Summer Program

A week-long summer camp experience for youth and families who are part of our South-Central Etobicoke programs

Innovative Centres

Capstone Jiu-Jitsu Program

A fun, competitive program for kids and youth to build confidence while learning Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu skills


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Help us reach our goal of making our Summer Soccer League affordable for every child who wants to play this summer. We would love for you to financially partner with us and help make this transformative program a reality for the kids in our community!

Young boys in jerseys playing an outdoor soccer match

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