LAUNCH comes alongside young Christians, inspiring them to walk long-term in their God-given potential by equipping them to grow spiritually, in character and in leadership.

Join us in our mission to build up the youth and young adults in our city. We equip, inspire and empower young leaders through coaching, workshops, and a leadership course, helping them to grow and impact their world.

LAUNCH Initiatives

Leadership Developement

LAUNCH EQUIP Coaching/Mentoring

Partnering young adults and youth with a mentor/coach who helps them launch a Kingdom dream or maximize an existing leadership opportunity, all while equipping them to grow spiritually, in character and in leadership

LAUNCH High School Leadership Course

A Grade 11 Leadership course (GPP 3O), taught from a Christian perspective, that provides students with leadership training, individual mentoring by a skilled coach, and empowers them to create and implement a community impact project

LAUNCH Leadership Workshops

Workshops focused on leadership, character and spiritual growth, suitable for all sizes of groups of students, young adults, camps, classrooms or conferences


Let's take-off together!

Help us reach our goal of working with 100 LAUNCHees! If you know someone between the ages of 14-25, or if you yourself are and have some ideas you want help getting off the ground, then sign up to become a LAUNCHee!

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