Central Services

We bring strategic and administrative support, training, equipping, and resourcing to our ministries and field staff across the city.

We exist to serve and support the programs and people of YU so they can flourish as they invest in the wholeness of our young people.

Team Initiatives

Areas of Support

Strategic Planning: We guide our ministry leaders in shaping effective programs that foster wholistic transformation.

People Development: We provide training, equipping, and pastoral care for our staff and volunteers, prioritizing their wholeness and development.

Administrative Support: We provide behind-the-scenes supports and resources to help the frontlines focus on their work with youth.

Financial Management: We steward all of the monies YU receives with the utmost care and intentionality.

Fundraising: We raise the funds necessary to support the foundational and strategic operations of YU.

Organizational Stewardship: We ensure adequate policies, procedures, and guidelines are in place so our programs and people can operate safely and effectively.


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Two female Central Services staff helping with event registration

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