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Hope That Holds

A Young Dad Holds onto Hope During This Pandemic

Face up palm of a hand holding car keys

"This time with Covid-19 has not been easy for any of us, which includes our young dads. It's caused us to accept new changes (or as we're all calling it, 'a new normal'), which is still not simple to digest. It is in times like this that hope can get lost in the shuffle, or be difficult to hold on to. Where despair becomes like a regular companion. But one that we don't really like having around. Hope is not lost, friends. Hope helps us hold on," writes Rob, our Young Dads ministry worker.

Please continue to read as Rob shares a story of one of the young dads he walks alongside, and how they "Hold onto Hope":

"Hey, Rob, I don't have to take the TTC any longer!" as he messaged me this picture of him holding a set of keys.

When the COVID-19 began shutting down almost everything, it changed life almost to a standstill. For many of our young parents, taking the TTC with kids-in-tow (hand) is a never-ending obstacle of challenges - from non-stop pee stops, incessant whining, forgetting important things like diapers, also lugging a sometimes heavy stroller with groceries, and one of the most frustrating is people pushing your child during rush hour. But with Covid-19 adding the anxiety of getting the virus from touching parts of the bus and subway - running errands, particularly with kids, changed to a whole new level.
Due to irreconcilable differences, 'Lu' is parenting his two boys on his own - thankfully with the help of his parents. There are good days, and there are bad days (mostly due to bouts of depression) - but this has not stopped him from taking on contract work.
After learning the skill of video editing, 'Lu' has taken on contract work for extra income, but the only time he can do his work is in the evening after he puts the kids to bed. This means there have been many long nights depending on the timeline of the project. But this has helped him save up for the purchase of this e-bike, which is his way of persevering and choosing to not stay at home letting his anxiety of taking the TTC to keep him from running errands (like groceries) or meeting clients when the kids are at daycare.

So, his statement above was his way of saying he's not giving up but Holds onto Hope."