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Seeing People Suffering on the Streets as God Sees Them : A Reflection From a Light Patrol Intern

Shared by Kirushanthan (Cricket) Krishnapillai, Light Patrol Intern

A person entering Light Patrol's RV.

My time with Light Patrol as an intern has been a great learning experience. It has helped me to see the brokenness of the world, and I am understanding how as Christians we need to be the light to all those who do not know Christ, through the love that He first showed us.

During my outreaches with the team, God has been opening my eyes to see those who are suffering on the streets as He sees them. People experiencing homelessness are often neglected and treated as less worthy. When you sit closely with them and listen to their stories, soon you will realize that they are not much different from us Christian. They like to share stories about themselves, they like to joke, they love to create, they desire a community, and want to be cared for and loved.

To many people it may appear to be just random tents, but there is a deep sense of community among the encampment at the Trinity Bellwoods Park. Despite the difficult living conditions, I have noticed that they always look out for one another and support each other. Although they may not believe in God, I was able to witness His character reflected in our friends at the park and was reminded of how all of us are made in the image of our Father.

I have felt a deep sense of joy to see how much they appreciated our team coming to build relationships with them each week. One interaction I remember vividly is with an individual who shared about his negative experience with his church in the past. However, he appreciated the genuine love and care that Light Patrol embodied and mentioned how Christians are to reflect God’s love beyond Sundays. What he said brought me so much encouragement, as I desire to continue to live out my faith through Light Patrol and other areas that God calls me to be. I left that conversation in awe of God, praising Him for His affirmations for me.

(Kirushanthan is now participating in an internship with YU's Doxa team and coordinating a summer camp in the Bridletowne community in Scarborough.)