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Love, Care and Compassion Carries Beyond YU

A note from a graduating young mom

Screen shot of young moms virtual gathering on Zoom

This beautiful note, received from one of the young moms graduating after three years with YU, shows how God is using the gifts of grace and hospitality of our Brampton Young Parent team to provide support for those they walk alongside. (Note: They always keep the door open to ongoing relationship with their alumni!)

"I met Sue [the Brampton Young Moms Leader] at the [Peel] Teen Supper Club. One thing about her is that her smile brightens a room. If my memory serves me correctly, Denise S. [volunteer] was there as well. I don't remember many things about the actual presentation, but I can remember the love, care and compassion as if it was yesterday. They brought the cutest care packages with a perfect balance for moms and the little ones.

I first attended the group as a 24-year-old mom of 5 children, three of which I was still mourning. I was manoeuvring new experiences that no one prepped me for. I needed to "mend" and the perfect people came by in divine timing.

Not on a single occasion have I ever felt displaced. Immediately they welcomed my children and I. If I questioned that there was a God, I'd have to eat my words.

I cannot quite [express] my immense gratitude but I know that I have gained an eternal family in these ladies. It has been a pleasure to not only know them, but to love them."