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Light Patrol Connects with Street-Involved Youth Through Games Night & Arts Café

Light Patrol's games night & arts cafe in a motel

With a number of street-involved youth having received temporary housing in shelters and motels because of the pandemic, YU’s Light Patrol team recently began a new ‘motel outreach’ program. Showing up at the same time each week at the downtown motel, the team knocks on doors to invite the youth staying there to accompany them to a nearby space for things such as a Board Games Night or Arts Café. In just the first two weeks of the program, they had 7 youth accept the invitation to join them!

Last week’s Arts Cafe let youth try acrylic painting, watercolour painting, colouring pages, and even clay-molding! (See photo of an artwork from one of the participating youth.) Focusing on the art project in front of them helped make the space comfortable enough for the youth to open up and share with LP staff during the time they were there. One youth noted that after having had a very stressful day, painting helped her to relax and not think about the things that were causing her worry.

Light Patrol is hoping to hold the Arts Café once a month, but are also looking forward to other activities they have planned for the upcoming month, including a Sports Night, Thanksgiving Dinner, and Hallowe’en Movie Night. Please continue to pray for their Thursday Field Trip evenings with the youth from the motel, that they can continue building closer relationships and to be able to support them in their journey.