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How donations were used

The following is a high-level look at YU's expenses for the year ending June 30, 2022. In this year, 91% of donated funds were used for our programs and directly related support activities. *Non-Cash Expenses include amortization and other accounting charges.
Pie chart of donation usage, categorized by: expenses, operations, gifts and non-cash expenses

Diverse Programming

We've broken down our $4.4M of program expenses (including staffing) into our six programming categories, as well as program development and support.
Pie chart of program expenses split into seven categories

Operating for Impact

YU's Operating (or General) Fund supports the strategic operations and ongoing impact of Youth Unlimited among the youth of the GTA. Here's how our operating expenses stewarded the monies of $846K invested in supporting our vision of transformed youth transforming our city.
Pie chart of operating expenses split into seven categories

Staff Funding Levels

As urban ministry workers, our staff participate together in raising funds to support their work among the youth of the GTA. In the past year, 21 staff have not yet reached full funding levels representing a gap of $298,000, and 3 staff are in the start-up period of building a support team. Learn more about our Open Hearts Fund by clicking the button, where your support can help undergird these staff specifically.
Pie chart of staff funding levels; either fully funded or short of target

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