About Us

Learn about Youth Unlimited's vision, work, and impact across the Greater Toronto Area in this 4-minute video! We are all about transformed youth transforming our city.

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Our Vision

That every young person in the GTA will be transformed by God's love and life-changing power and will be a redemptive presence in their family, community, and beyond.

Our Vision for Transformation

The "Canvas of Transformation"

At YU, we imagine transformation as God at work as a compassionate artist, painting on the canvas of both lives and neighbourhoods over time. We envision the colour palette having YU’s 5 Transformative Colours, from which any combination of colours can be created. As we invest in youth wholeness in this context, we believe we will continue to see this ‘Canvas of Transformation’ come to life in young people, their families, and their neighbourhoods. This is transformed youth transforming our city.

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Colour #1: Rooted Identity

Engaging Life with Jesus

As young people grow in their journey of faith, the roots of their identity grow down deeply into a firm foundation. We envision young people finding contentment, building a healthy self-image, depending on God, and finding forgiveness, freedom, and healing.

Green icon with drawing of a tree and sun
Colour #2: Renewed Character

Growing in Virtue

In an increasingly connected world, we know character matters more than ever. Just like fruit in an orchard, God grows in our young people virtues such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, humility, goodness, and gentleness. Young people with these virtues can truly change our world.

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Colour #3: Healthy Relationships

Seeking Reconciliation & Vibrant Community

We believe God is at work restoring and building every relationship in our lives. We aim to see young people act as bridge builders and participate in communities that nurture belonging, faith, and sacrificial love.

Red icon with drawing of a group of people
Colour #4: Joyful Service

Putting Others First

We rejoice in seeing young people serve others, putting the needs of others before themselves. A mop and bucket symbolizes the humble acts of kindness we aim to nurture in our youth throughout the city. We believe our young people will discover lasting joy through a life of service for others.

Yellow icon with drawing of a mop and bucket
Colour #5: Clear Purpose

Discovering & Utilizing Gifts & Abilities

We believe every one of us has been given specific gifts, skills, and passions through which we find confidence and purpose. When young people find their 'sweet spot', it renews a sense of hope and direction, and everyone around them benefits.

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Our History

Youth Unlimited (originally Youth For Christ) was launched in 1944. Inspired by YFC rallies in Chicago, our roots in Toronto began with hosting large youth rallies at Massey Hall. These became some of the largest youth gatherings in the world at the time. Since then, YU’s entrepreneurial spirit has led us through a series of strategic shifts that clearly exemplifies our motto: “Anchored to the Rock but geared to the times.” Over the past 75 years our approach has developed to include weekly community clubs, proactive outreach programs, and neighbourhood-focused church partnerships.

Black and white photo of stadium filled with young people Black and white photo of stadium filled with young people

Unique Programs for Unique Needs

Every demographic and community of young people has specific and unique needs that we seek to address. We always commit to contextualizing the hope we find in Jesus to foster the wholistic transformation of the youth we serve through our six program categories.

Community Outreach

Critical Care

Innovative Centres

Leadership Development

Marketplace Initiatives

Trips, Camps & Events

Gaining Ground Strategy

We believe God is inviting us to 'gain ground' from 2023-2027: to build on the work to which He has already called us, so we can address more of the needs of our precious youth. Our strategy is guided by five commitments.
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What If...

This is the big picture of what we believe God is inviting all of us into through our Graining Ground strategy from 2023 to 2027. Watch a compelling video showcasing our staff as they envision all that could be for our program, young people and city over the next four years.

As one small step on the path towards reconciliation

Youth Unlimited acknowledges that the land here upon which we work is the traditional territory of many nations...

Part of a National Movement

YFC Toronto is a chartered member of Youth for Christ Canada, an international, non-denominational Christian ministry who, for over 75 years, has passionately engaged young people to live their full life potential as designed by God. Motivated by our faith, we believe that transformed youth have the opportunity to transform communities, our country, and the world. We engage and equip youth to know and follow Jesus.
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